Thrift Store Tray Makeover

Today’s post has been a long time coming.  I’ve had this cute little tray sitting in my garage waiting for a makeover for no less than two years.  I went through a phase a while back where I bought a bunch of thrift store items with project potential.  Then life happened… as it generally does.

My parents recently bought a beach house and I started scouring my garage for items they could use in the new house.  My mom generally prefers to buy new, but she won’t turn down a good thrifty makeover.  So the tray seemed like a perfect start.

It was in decent shape, but needed a good paint job.  I was actually able to pull it apart and use a spray primer to coat each of the individual pieces.

Then I used a brush to paint a layer of bright white paint on everything.

I reassembled the pieces and used a small amount of wood glue to keep it from coming apart.  Then I painted it with one more layer of white paint.

Next I painted an anchor onto the center of the tray using my easy DIY stencil method and some navy paint.

I used a small paint brush to clean up the edges of the design and fill in any gaps.

I almost left it at that, but I decided the tray needed one more feature.  So I rifled through my craft arsenal and dug up some jute twine.

I cut two long pieces of twine and wrapped them around the tray handles using a hot glue gun to hold the twine in place.

It had the desired effect.  It added a little texture and color to an otherwise clean, but somewhat boring, piece.

Once I was happy with the look, I added a layer of Minwax Paste Finishing Wax to protect the paint.

I just followed the instructions right on the can.  Rub on, wait 15 minutes, rub in.  Easy peasy.

I was quite pleased with the result.  Sometimes simple goes a long way.

Mom liked it too!

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