Gingerbread Santa’s Sleigh

Finished Sleigh

This year’s gingerbread house was called “Santa’s Mountain Chalet“.  It had a main house, the “chalet”, as well as a stable for the reindeer and a pad in the back for Santa’s sleigh.  I made the sleigh from gingerbread, fondant, icing, and sprinkles.

I started by rolling out the gingerbread I made using this recipe.


I drew out the design of my sleigh and traced it onto a piece of plastic.

Sleigh Cutout

I cut the sleigh shape out of the plastic and placed it on top of the gingerbread.  (I use the plastic because paper tends to stick to the gingerbread)

Sleigh Gingerbread

I cut out two of the sleigh shapes facing opposite ways.

Sleigh Raw Parts

I baked the gingerbread shapes until they were browned just on the edges.

Sleigh Cooked Parts

Once the gingerbread cooled, I covered the body of the sled in red fondant.

Sleigh Fondant

I used icing to fill in the sled borders and covered the icing with small white sprinkles.

Sleigh Icing Sprinkles

I baked two small rectangles of gingerbread and covered them the same way I did the other parts and used them as the front and back of the sled.

Sleigh Front and Back

For the runners, I used larger silver sprinkles that I applied with the icing.

Sleigh Bottom

I made some fondant gifts to put in the sleigh.

Fondant Gifts

Of course I forgot to take pictures of the actual process of gluing the sleigh together, but you get the point.  I used the icing to connect the four sides.  Then I glued a few more random pieces of gingerbread inside so I could put the gifts on top of something and cover up the seams.

Sleigh Finished and Setup

I was pleased with the result.

Mountain Chalet - Back View.jpg

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