Giant Halloween Spider

Say hello to the newest addition to my Halloween arsenal… Giant Spider.

As you may know from prior posts, I’m a big fan of Halloween.  The hubs, not so much.  The agreement is that I can start decorating two weeks before October 31st, and everything has to be removed the week after.  Last year’s display was decent, but I’m aiming higher this year.  Giant Spider can help me get there.

Materials List:

Black Trash Bag

Black Duct Tape

4 Metal Hangers

Magazine Pages

Pool Noodle

Thin Gauge Wire

Wire Cutters


I started by cutting the pool noodle lengthwise into 4 parts.

Then I untwisted the wires on the four hangers and straightened them out.  I cut the ends off to make the wire the length of each pool noodle part.

I inserted the ends of each wire into the ends of each pool noodle part.

Then I wrapped the small gauge wire around each pool noodle to secure the hanger wires.

I then wrapped the black duct tape around each pool noodle.

Once the noodles were wrapped, I overlapped them so there were four “legs” on each side.

I used the thin gauge wire to secure them together.

To make the body of the spider, I crumpled up magazine pages to place inside the trash bag.

I filled a partial part of the bag to make the head.

I secured it with the thin wire.

Then I added more magazine pages to the bag and tied it off again to make the body.

I cut the excess bag off and covered the wire with a piece of black duct tape.

Then I secured the trash bag body and head to the pool noodle legs with the wire.

I bent the pool noodle legs so the spider could stand on his own.

My toddler was totally terrified (slight oversight), so I figure it was a job well done.  Creepy Giant Spider… check!

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