Autumn Pallet Sign


In my recent post The Easy Way to Dismantle a Pallet, I provided a tutorial and a few pictures of recent pallet projects I’ve completed.  My Autumn Pallet Sign was one of those projects.  I salvaged a large plank from a particularly old pallet.  It was in pretty bad shape.


I used a Minwax Dark Walnut stain to cover up the imperfections on the aged wood.


Once the stain dried for a few hours, I applied a polyurethane coat as well.


I let the polyurethane dry for 24 hours.  Then I used a set of stencils I had in my craft arsenal to plan out my lettering.  I really wanted the sign to read “PUMPKIN”, but the stencils were too big to fit seven letters and I was too lazy to use anything other than the stencils I already had.  So I figured out a six letter word instead and ended up with “AUTUMN”.


I used painter’s tape to tape down the letters one at a time.


I picked up a paint sample from Lowes for $0.50!  Did you know they have a shelf in the paint section where they sell discounted paint that no one wanted?  That’s where I found this great “Fragrant Cloves” (rustic orange) color.  Totally by accident.  Inspiration can come from anywhere…


I used a small sponge that I got in a 3-pack from the Dollar Tree to dab the paint onto the wood inside my stencils.


I covered the space as best I could with a thin layer.


Then I removed the stencils and let the letters dry.


Once the paint was dry, I displayed my new sign proudly on my bale of hay on my front porch.  It was a great addition.


I made a few other signs using the same basic steps.  Instead of staining the pallet wood, I painted it.  Then I used some smaller stencils to do the lettering.  I got my “PUMPKINS” sign after all.  And a “CANDY CORN” one, too!


And now I’m craving a pumpkin spiced latte and Brachs candy corn.  I’m out of control!

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