“Stone” Columns


These stone columns are a great Halloween decoration on their own.  I created them as a part of a graveyard for my front yard, but they could just as easily host a gargoyle or apothecary setup like this one.

I wrote out the materials and steps I took to create them.

Stone Columns Materials:

Foam Panels (Mine were Perma “R” from Lowes)

Duct Tape

Hot Glue Gun

Foam Poster Board

Paint Brush


Gray Paint

Hammered Dark Bronze Spray Paint

My Steps:

I started by cutting out some foam squares.  I cut 2 large squares for the bottom and 2 for the top of each column, 8 total.  Then I cut 4 smaller squares.


I used some foam scraps in between 2 layers of each large square to give them some depth.  Then I duct taped along the edges to create the platforms for the top and bottom of the columns.


Once I had the large pieces done, I hot glued the smaller squares of foam on top of my large pieces.


Then I cut 8 tall rectangles of foam poster board, 4 for each column.  I attached them to the small squares using the hot glue gun.


 I did this for the top and bottom of each column, using all the glued and taped squares.


Once all the sides were glued, I taped up all the corners with duct tape.


I painted both columns with 2 layers of primer.


Then I painted them with one layer of gray paint.  I wanted the paint to look streaky, with some white showing through.


Then I sprayed a layer of Hammered Dark Bronze spray paint to give the columns some texture.  It really made them look real.


After all the paint was dry, I used the hot glue gun to attach some pieces of floral moss to the columns.


I put it in the corners and on a few of the sides.


Once the columns were finished, I decided they were still missing something.  They needed an embellishment.  So I rummaged through the garage and picked up 2 plastic pumpkins I had sitting around.


I painted them the exact same way I did the columns.  2 layers of primer, one layer of gray paint, and a layer of Hammered Dark Bronze spray.


I put a stake through the hole in the bottom of the pumpkins and the top of the columns to secure them.  Then I added some rocks in the pumpkins to give the whole structure some weight.


I put some dabs of hot glue in between the pumpkins and columns to keep them in place.  Then I placed some manzanita branches leftover from my wedding centerpieces into the pumpkins and propped them up with plastic bags and other random items from my garage.


I used the rest of the floral moss to cover up all the ugly stuff.


That’s it!  I added them to my wrought iron fence to create an awesome little graveyard.


Since they were made from mostly foam and plastic, I needed a way to keep them in place.  I decided to use some wooden skewers as stakes.  I pushed them straight through the foam into the ground.20161029_194941589_ios

The columns and fence looked awesome together!


Check out how the rest of my graveyard turned out.

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