Harry Potter Wands


So I was brainstorming some project ideas the other day and all I could think about was Harry Potter.  I think one of the movies was on and I got to thinking that it was about time to re-read the entire series again.  I just read the new book, but I don’t really want to talk about it.  I’ve got some real beef with J.K. Rowling right now, but I still love her and wish I was her.  So I’ll just wipe the new book from my mind and go back to reading the originals.

So, anyway… I decided I would attempt a Harry Potter related project.  I have like a million home improvement things I should be working on instead, but I’ve been procrastinating because they are all pretty involved.  So instead, I sit at my craft table and do smaller projects in my spare time.

So today’s post is the wizard wand!  It’s surprisingly simple to make.  I see a Harry Potter theme party in my future!  My daughter turns one in a few months.  Is it weird to have a theme party for a one year old?  No matter… she won’t remember it anyway.

I started out with some chopsticks.  We had a bunch left over at the office from all the times my boss and I ordered take-out sushi and the restaurant assumed there were more than two of us because of the crazy amount of food he can put down.


I picked out a bead and cut a small bit of wire for each chopstick.


I put the wire through the bead and twisted it around a few times to tighten it.


Then I wrapped the wire around the thicker part of the chopsticks to secure the bead to the end.


Then I used a glue gun to cover up the wire so there weren’t any pieces sticking out.


I used the glue gun to add some more layers over the stick and bead to give it some shape and make it look more like a wand.


I mixed some brown and shiny gold acrylic paint together.


Then I painted the wands.  I did two layers for each one.


Now I have some fun little crafts to play with.  I think I may have also figured out our family Halloween costumes.  I can get really creative with a HP theme. Yay!


Starting a pretty good collection for Halloween this year.

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