Creating Graphic Signs in PicMonkey


One of the easiest ways to decorate for the holidays?  Signs.  One of the easiest ways to create signs?  PicMonkey.

PicMonkey is a really cool website that I use mainly for editing photos that I use on my blog.  And it’s FREE!  I know… the magic word.  The free version is awesome, and you can also upgrade to the Royal version for a yearly fee, and it’s even more awesome.

So about those signs…

I know you’ve seen those cute little holiday or nursery signs that people create and then distribute on Pinterest for the public to download.  I have downloaded a few myself.  But printing out someone else’s work just wasn’t giving me the DIY satisfaction that I crave.  So I decided to dabble with PicMonkey and see what I could come up with.

I wanted a festive sign that wasn’t too over the top.  Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for because there are just so many possibilities.  However, the hubs is not a huge fan of the holiday so I can’t get too out of control.  I figured a classy little “Happy Halloween” sign was a good place to start.

Download my Happy Halloween sign HERE

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Go to and create an account very easily.


Once you are registered, click on the “Design” option on the top of the home page and select a canvas for your design.  I selected the 8 x 10 option because it’s standard for frames.


Your canvas will pop up on a new screen ready for you to edit.  The editing options on the left side of the screen will default to the canvas color.  This is where you can choose your background color.  I kept mine white, but you can pick any color on the spectrum.  You can also make the canvas transparent if you want to create designs without backgrounds.


You can also click on the “Rotate” option to rotate your canvas.  I selected the landscape view for my particular sign by clicking on the rotate clockwise button.


Now for the fun stuff… Overlays!

An overlay is like a graphic or picture that you can insert onto the canvas.  The butterfly symbol on the left side of the screen represents the standard overlays that are available.  The cat symbol that I circled as well is a feature that is currently available for a limited time.  That’s what I clicked on to find some Halloween themed overlays.


Find an overlay that you like by choosing from the standard ones or by browsing through the themes.  I settled on one that had some “Bats” as an option.


Click on the overlay of your choosing.


Once you click on your overlay it will show up in the center of your canvas.


Now use the corners of your overlay box to drag and resize your image.


Once you’ve resized your image, go back to the options bar on the left side of the screen.  You can add more overlays on top of the one you have or you can add text.  Play with the options.  I chose to add some text to my current graphic.  So I clicked on the “Tt” button to bring up my text options.


Once you select a text and click “Add Text:”, a box will show up on your canvas.  Any text with a gold crown next to it is a Royal feature, but any other option is available on the free version.  I ended up paying for the Royal version specifically for some of the fonts I really liked.


Once you have your text box, you can click on it to enter your text.  For this particular project, I picked a spooky font.


Use the corners of your text box to resize your text.  An editing box also appears on the right side of the screen.  This is where you can choose your font color and make other adjustments.  I chose to make my font white so you could read it over the black bat.


Click on the “Add Text” box on the left side of the screen to add any new text.  I came up with some Halloween related words and added them to my creation.


Add more overlays or text to complete your look.  I added some black text above and below my bat overlay to drive my message home.


Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, click on the “Save” button in the top left corner of the screen.


Choose a file name for your work and click on the “Save to my computer” button.  This will allow you to save it as a JPEG in your files.


That’s it!  Now you have a JPEG image saved on your computer that you can use as you please.  I framed my Happy Halloween Bat and displayed it in my living room.  It added a nice little touch to my October decor.

Download my Happy Halloween sign HERE


TIP:  You can actually add your own overlays in PicMonkey.  There is an option on the overlay page to “Add your own”.  You can add photos, clip art, etc.  That’s what I did with one of my most recent signs.


I inserted some bear clip art onto my canvas and added some fun font to it.  My bear family is going up in the nursery.  Such simple little additions that can add so much character to a space.  I hope this tutorial helps you spruce up a room in your house.  Imagine the CHRISTMAS possibilities.  I am going to go crazy in December!

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