White & Gray Dresser Makeover

Finished Dresser

Nothing beats a good furniture makeover.  I rarely buy anything new these days.  I can usually find something at the thrift store that will provide the function I’m seeking.  All I have to do is add a few layers of paint and transform it into perfection.  Said no one ever…

Don’t get me wrong, I DO love a good furniture makeover.  It’s just never as easy as I anticipate.  For example, take this lovely little dresser that hubby and I inherited from his aunt.  Its got great bones, a cute look, and lots of storage for toddler-sized clothing.  It even came with all the hardware (I found the missing piece in one of the drawers).  It just needed a new look.  Cream and green with bronze handles just wasn’t going to look right in our house.  I thought this makeover would be a piece of cake. Nope…wrong.  Always wrong.  Painting sucks.

Original Dresser

Anyway, I love the way it turned out.  I just wish it hadn’t taken me so long to complete.  But here goes…

I started by taking out all the hardware.

Remove Hardware

Then I used Jasco Liquid Sander to degloss all the surfaces.

Liquid Sander

I wore gloves and used some scrap cloths that I cut from old t-shirts to wipe down everything.

Scrap Rags

Then I used painters tape to cover up the parts I didn’t want to get paint on.

Blue Tape

I taped plastic bags to the inside of all the drawers so they wouldn’t get paint in them either.

Paint Bags

I used a Rust-Oleum spray primer.

Spray Primer

I added a newly discovered product to the mix that is AWESOME.  The Rust-Oleum Comfort Grip.  Game changer.

Comfort Grip

It fits onto most standard spray paint cans.  No more gloves or finger cramping.

Primer Sprayer

I sprayed one thin even layer of the primer on the dresser and drawers.

Primer Layer

After the primer dried for a few hours, I brought my dresser back into the garage.

Paint Layers

I chose a white paint from Valspar called Bistro.  I got it in a paint sample and that more than covered the two layers I did on the dresser and drawers.

Bistro Color Sample

As for the border, I painted it with another random gray paint sample I had left over from another project.

Gray Border

I used it for any other part of the dresser that used to be green.

Gray Parts

Once the paint dried, I applied two layers of Minwax Polycrylic in clear satin.  This is another new product find that I love, love, love.


I let the polycrylic dry and set for a few days out in the garage before bringing it inside.

Painted Product

I forgot to take pictures, but I did paint the hardware.  I used one layer of Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer, two layers of Krylon Looking Glass Silver, and one layer of Rust-Oleum Lacquer.

Hardware Paint

The end result was a shiny silver that matched nicely with the gray border on the dresser.


I let the hardware dry and set for a few days before putting it back on the dresser.  My toddler said she wanted to help mommy work, so she assisted me.

Hardware Reinstall

Once the hardware was back on, I brought it upstairs and put the drawers back in.  I used some brackets to secure it to the wall.  It’s really tall and I was afraid my daughter would pull it down trying to pick out an outfit.


When I actually write out the process, it doesn’t seem so bad.  It might even encourage you to try your own dresser makeover.  Just be patient.  Between the primer, paint, and polycrylic, there are 5 layers on this baby.  That’s a lot of painting and even more waiting.

Still… totally worth it in the end, and a fraction of the cost of buying one new!

Finished Dresser

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