Used T-Shirt Scrap Cloths


Ever go into your closet or dresser and just get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have but hardly wear?  I do.

As one of my New Year’s resolutions, I decided to try and declutter the house.  One of the first places I started was my closet.  I wrote down a few questions to ask myself about each item, then got to work.

Question #1:  Have you worn it in the last three years?  I gave myself three years because I’ve had two babies in the last two years.  You’d be surprised how much stuff I have that hasn’t been worn in three years.  Including, but not limited to, about 20 t-shirts.  I played in several different social sports leagues during different seasons for more than eight years.  So yeah… I’ve got a lot of t-shirts.

Most of the other stuff I gathered up was donation-worthy.  But who really wants 20 t-shirts from old social sports leagues that have been worn a zillion times?  I decided to re-purpose them into project materials.

Materials: Scissors

Yup, that’s right.  One pile of shirts and a pair of scissors makes this just about the easiest project ever.


I placed the shirts unwrinkled, flat on the ground.


Then I used good quality scissors to cut along the seams of each shirt.


I removed the seams altogether and discarded the scraps.

Cuts Shown

I left the sleeves as is and cut the bodies of the shirts into smaller squares.


I put the pile in a bin in my garage for project use.

Cuts Garage

I use them for dusting, deglossing, staining, you name it.  They’re better than using paint brushes or towels, and when you’re finished with them you can wash them or toss them.  Either way, the waste is minimal.


So the next time you walk into your closet and decide you need to free up some space, consider turning those old shirts into something much more useful.  Cheers!


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