Under Sink Vinyl Flooring

Installed Tile

I planned to start this post off by saying how long it’s been since I started my kitchen remodel, but it’s been so long that I honestly can’t remember.  Our kitchen has always been my least liked room in the house.  Much of that is due to it’s size, which can’t be helped without an astronomical budget.  Seeing that the budget is next to nothing, I had to get creative.

I started with my kitchen cabinet makeover.  Since then I have even put one more layer of paint on them and two layers of polycrylic.  I removed one wall of useless cabinets and replaced it with a nice hutch I spruced up that I affectionately refer to as the Clutch Hutch.  I’ve completed a number of other tasks that I have yet to write blog posts for.  Mainly because I am waiting for pictures of the finished product that I can include.  For today’s post, however, I decided a beautiful kitchen photo wasn’t necessary.  Just a quick tutorial for one small project that makes a big difference.

One of the driving forces behind my kitchen remodel (besides the overall ugliness) was a slow leak we had under our sink.  I had three different plumbers come out and try to fix it.  Every time it was a temporary fix, and every one of them told me the plumbing was faulty.  The cost of fixing the real problem was too high for me to consider at the time.  So when the leak started again one day and hubby tried to fix it, all hell broke loose.  The slow leak became a major problem and we were forced to consider our options.

I opted to get the plumbing reworked and replace the sink in the process.  The only problem… it was a built in sink.  So to replace the sink meant to replace the counter tops.  Of course, I wanted a stainless steel farmhouse sink, but our appliances were old and white.  So those needed replacing as well.  Also, the counter tops were attached to the backsplash, and that definitely needed to go.  Long story short… I got a contractor to come in and get real with me.  I told him, despite me being 9 months pregnant, that I would do any and all labor I could to cut down on costs.  We came to an agreement on a plan.

Fast forward a few weeks…

I recruited some help and removed the countertops, backsplash, dishwasher, over the range microwave, and all sink plumbing.  CONTRACTOR DIDN’T SHOW.

Granted, he had a family emergency, but… his family emergency happened two days before our appointment and NO ONE CALLED ME.  I waited until one hour past his scheduled arrival time and called his office.  His office manager said she must have forgotten to call me.  ON THE FRIDAY BEFORE LABOR DAY WEEKEND.  THE DAY BEFORE MY DUE DATE.

Needless to say… I immediately cut ties with that company.  Of course there was nothing to be done at that point.  It was a holiday weekend and I was full term with no kitchen sink or any way to cook food or wash dishes.  I went into full blown panic mode.  Then my adrenaline kicked in and I developed some sort of pregnant lady super powers.  I got on YouTube and spent half the night watching DIY plumbing and electrical videos.

In the morning, I calmly walked into the hardware store with my list and explained my situation to a very skeptical man in a blue vest.  He looked at my giant belly, then at my face and said “why don’t you just hire a plumber”.  Thanks Sherlock, I hadn’t thought of that one…

I brushed off the man’s incredulity (word???), asked again for the parts I needed, purchased them, and calmly walked out.

Without getting into all the details (yet), I (with some hubby help) managed to:

Rework all the sink plumbing

Re-install the garbage disposal

Install a stainless steel farmhouse sink

Install a new faucet

Hook up a new dishwasher

Install a new range and over the range microwave

Remove the old backsplash and patch the wall

As if you needed reminding… I did it all while VERY pregnant.  Like I said… super powers.

When I finally get the kitchen finished, I will add blog posts for each and every one of these items.  Because if I can do it, pregnant and totally inexperienced, anyone can.

Oh my.  I haven’t even touched on today’s project yet.  So much for “long story short” and “quick tutorial”.  Let’s get down to business…

Once my new plumbing was in and my farmhouse sink was installed, I went to put all my cleaning products back under the sink.  That’s when I realized the bottom of the cabinet was warped, gross, and sticky from all the slow leaks that had sprung over the years.  We used to just keep a bucket under there, but I wanted a better solution.  I needed easy cleanup and a protective barrier for any future problems that might arise from my DIY plumbing job.

I started by cleaning up the cabinet and making sure there was no mold anywhere.  Then I went shopping for some peel and stick tiles.  What I found was some luxury vinyl flooring.

Luxury Vinyl

It was perfect.  Long, thick strips of heavy duty tiles in a nice, modern color.

Tile Front

I purchased enough to cover the square footage of my cabinet base.  I lined them up inside the cabinet and drew lines where they needed to be cut down to fit the space.  I used a box cutter to slice along the lines.

Box Cutter

Then I peeled the paper off the back of the tiles one at a time and stuck them to the cabinet base.


I lined them up as best I could to be flush with the front of the cabinet for the best appearance.

Tile Install

The end result was quite nice.  Check out that awesome plumbing job…

Installed Tile

I put all my supplies back under the sink (the beautiful, self-installed sink). The vinyl made everything easy to slide, and it made me feel so much better about potential leaks.  And it was pretty.  At least as far as under sink cabinets go.


After all that, my blog post was really just about peeling and sticking some tile under the sink.  Not the most interesting of projects.  But hey… thanks for sticking around through my rant.  Future (awesome) blog posts to come.  And hopefully some totally fantastic photos, too!

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