Thrifty Nursery Decor


I’ve finally begun work on the nursery!  Since we recently found our we are having a baby girl, I started narrowing down my options for the nursery.  The walls are a baby blue, but I really don’t want to paint the entire room because of all the other projects on my pre-baby list.  So I decided that we would keep the wall color and just pick some extra girly colors to complement it.  After little deliberation and lots of Pinterest inspiration, I settled on pink, gold, and white.

The theme of the nursery was a little harder to decide.  Before we knew whether we were having a boy or a girl, I really wanted to do an animal theme.  But after we found out the gender and picked the pink, gold, and white colors, I got hooked on a princess theme.   Naturally, I decided to just combine them.  Who says you have to have one solid theme for a nursery?  If anyone insists on a name for my theme, I will just go with “Queen of the Jungle”.  Done and done.

As for the nursery projects, the list is long.  We bought a crib, and I’m going to turn my old childhood desk into a changing table, and I am attempting a closet makeover.  Those are all projects that will take time, and I have plenty of it.  But I wanted to start on something that I would be able to post about now – not three months from now.  So I decided to hit the thrift stores for some animal and princess related items.  And let me tell you, there is definitely no shortage of animal items at any thrift store.  I came home with a few exciting prospects.Picture

What we have here is under $10 worth of nursery decor.  The elephant called to me because it was already white and gold.  So I don’t even need to do anything with that.  The bowl shaped like a crown is pretty self-explanatory.  As for the horses, I thought they would be a great addition as well.  The larger, brown horse is hollow and would look great as a vase, and the horse that looks like it belongs on a merry-go-round just seemed fit for a princess.  You can ignore the mason jars.  They were dirt cheap and I figured they would be a great addition to the continued garage makeover series.  You might see them again in a later post.

After my successful thrift store shopping spree, I wanted to get started on my projects right away.  I didn’t even have anywhere in the nursery to put them yet, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  I started by finding a few shoe boxes.  I like to use cardboard boxes when I use spray paint so I can contain the mist as much as possible.  I placed my items in the boxes.Picture


Then I used a primer to spray an even layer of paint over the items.  I waited half an hour or so in between sprays before flipping the items over.  It took sprays from a few different angles to completely cover them.




Once the items were completely covered, and fully dry, I picked out the colors I wanted them to be.  I went with a metallic gold for the crown bowl, and a glossy white for the two horses.20150822_204316827_iOS20150822_204520473_iOS

I repeated the steps I followed for the primer spray with the other sprays.  I flipped the pieces over enough times to cover them in color.  The results were exactly as I pictured!


Fit for a princess (or a Queen of the jungle)


Much better than the original colors


So glossy and clean looking

I figure the little gold bowl will be perfect for all the cute bows and headbands that baby girls wear.  As for the merry-go-round horse, I added some bling to the very top of it to give it just a little extra.  Then I made a few pink and gold fabric roses to fill the hole in the other horse.


Bling makes everything better

I am totally in love!  Having these few items definitely helped me solidify my pink, gold, and white color scheme.  They look great together!  Now all I need is some furniture in the nursery to display them.  I think I will eventually find a small bookshelf that I can use for display items such as these – and books, of course.  Lots and lots of baby books.  Planning for babies is so much fun!  I will keep you posted as the nursery continues to evolve.


Thrift Store Items

Rust-Oleum Universal Bonding Primer Spray

Rust-Oleum American Accents 2X Ultra Coverage Spray Paint

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Make sure the surface of the items are clean and free of debris

Place thrift items in a cardboard box outside

Spray the items with primer until covered

Wait approximately 20 minutes then turn items over and spray

Wait until the items are dry

Spray all sides, drying in between, with selected spray paint

Embellish and display!


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