Thrift Store Candelabras


Have you ever purchased anything that you intended to use for a project and then just let it sit around in your garage taking up valuable space?  Story of my life…

Like these cheap candelabras that I just had to have.


I’d like to say that I purchased them with Halloween in mind, but that would be a lie.  I honestly had no good reason for buying them, and they taunted me for a long time from their perch in the garage.  My stroke of genius was a total fluke.  I just happened to pull out all my fall decorations and place a skull right night to them.  Then it just clicked.  All they needed was a good coat of paint.


So I dismantled them and placed them in a cardboard box.


I sprayed them with a layer of shiny black paint.


Then I let them dry and reassembled them.


Some candles made them the perfect addition to my front porch.

I realize they will still take up valuable space in my garage, but I can stomach that fact so much easier when it involves Halloween.  Best. Holiday. Ever.

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