Scrap Wood Candy Corn


I am always working on some sort of project in my garage.  A lot of them involve using a miter saw to cut wood, and I tend to have a lot of scraps leftover.  I have a bit of a hoarding streak in me.  It’s nothing to be concerned about.  However, I do tend to keep things that could just as easily be thrown away and never missed.  Scrap wood happens to be one of those things.

My thought process is that there is always a project in the future that might need just a small piece of wood.  So I keep all those small pieces of wood from prior projects and they build and build until I have boxes and boxes full of scraps.  So when we started our garage makeover I kept coming across boxes of scrap wood that I knew I wouldn’t really use.  So instead of just tossing them, I pulled out the scraps that were in fairly good shape and tossed the rest.

From the scraps that got salvaged, I managed to come up with the idea of turning the triangular pieces into candy corn to add to my fall decor.  I even thought so far ahead as to use those pieces to make little Christmas trees for my winter decor as well.  Future post!

The pieces weren’t exactly in the shape of candy corn.  They were a little wider than I would have liked.  But they stood on their own and that was good enough for me.  It wasn’t as if I was going to take tiny pieces of scrap wood and use the miter saw to cut them down even more.  Too much work.

I started by choosing my pieces.  I picked scraps of various sizes and sanded them just enough to avoid splinters.


Then, to make it as easy as possible, I put the pieces on some cardboard and sprayed them with a layer of primer.


Once the primer dried, I picked out my acrylic colors.  I went with a lighter, almost pastel, orange and yellow.  I wanted to keep the decor nice and light since it is still technically summer, and I wanted to put them out now.I drew some really light pencil lines on the pieces and started painting them one color at a time  I was really happy with the way the light colors looked.


After a few layers of paint, I let everything dry.  Then I added my new scrap wood candy corns to my other Fall items that I’d just pulled out of storage.


Like a cute little candy corn family

They fit into the landscape perfectly.  I will probably make a few more to put around the house.  So easy and free!  Check out how they look with the whole spread.


You can also check out how to make the Tree Branch Mini Pumpkins and the It’s Pumpkin Season sign.  Enjoy!

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