Pumpkin Yarn Flower


This is a quick tutorial for adding some Fall/Halloween inspiration to your table.  These pumpkin yarn flowers are easy to make and look great in a centerpiece.


Orange Yarn


Hot Glue Gun


Yup, four materials needed.  Two of which you probably already have, and one of which you could pick up off your front lawn.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1:  Start by wrapping the yarn around your three middle fingers in circles.  When you have a decent clump, stop and cut the yarn.


Step 2:  Cut a piece of yarn long enough that it will fit around the center of your new clump and be able to tie a knot.


Step 3:  Remove the clump from your fingers, thread the loose piece around it, then bring the ends together and tie them in a tight knot.  Spread the yarn out to form a ball shape.


Step 4:  Take the stick and put it through the center of your ball.  Make sure a small piece is sticking out of the top.  I like to have the knot on the bottom so it’s not visible.


Step 5:  Wrap any loose yarn around the bottom and use the glue gun to secure it to the stick. Cut the loose ends from the top and press the yarn down to give it more of a pumpkin look than a ball look.

Step 6:  Display!


And that’s all she wrote.  Easy peasy pumpkin pie.  Click here if you want a video tutorial for the origami flowers.

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