Project To Do List

Like many DIYers out there, I have approximately 100 projects on my “list” at all times, about 10 in the works, and even fewer near completion.  I have a two car garage with zero cars in it, and barely enough room to park my bike (it’s actually hanging on the wall – one completed project!).  I fantasize about what my house will look like once I change, well… everything.  So the question is, HOW?

I want to redo my closet, install a new sink in the bathroom, and replace EVERYTHING in my kitchen.  I have a Pinterest board for every different room in my house, and yet, I have lived here for more than a year, and not much has changed.  Well, that is not true… a lot has changed.  But now that the ugly carpet has been replaced by hardwood floors, and the popcorn ceilings have been removed, my funds have dwindled significantly, and the rest of my projects have been downgraded to “budget-friendly” status.

Don’t get me wrong, I spent hours researching how to remove popcorn ceilings (armed with my trusty water spritz bottle and putty scraper) and install hardwood floors (the list for this project is significantly larger).  In the end, I bit the bullet and paid the professionals to do the dirty work.  And, boy, am I glad I did! As my husband delicately explained, I am a novice in all home improvement related categories, and I tend to start strong, get bored, and leave my projects unattended for long periods of time.  NOT an option in this case. So now that the big changes have been made, it is time to start on all the fun stuff!

First, I had to come up with a list of projects for each room of the house. READER BEWARE, this list is long, absurdly ambitious, and highly likely to change a million times in the future.  However, if I don’t put it in writing, then I can’t hold myself accountable.  So here goes…

Replace Laminate Floors – DONE
Paint Walls – DONE
Paint Cabinets and Install Hardware – DONE
Additional Cabinet Space (Hutch) – DONE
Replace Sink
Replace Countertops
Remove or Cover Current Backsplash
Add Molding and Trim to Cabinets
Replace Light Fixtures
Add Window Curtains
Update Décor
Organize Food Storage – DONE
Replace Appliances
Add Cocktail Table with Stools – DONE

Dining Room:
Update or Replace Table and Chairs – DONE
Add Shelves or Display Cases – DONE
Add Buffet Table with Storage – DONE

Living Room:
Antique Chest Makeover
Dresser Makeover – DONE
Add Two Chairs
Add Bookshelves with Décor

Family Room:
Board and Batten Wall
New Coffee Table – DONE
Fireplace Décor – DONE
Stretch Goal: Built-In Bookcases

Main Floor Bathroom:
Replace Current Countertop with Vanity Sink
Remove and Replace Mirror
Replace Lighting Fixture
Replace Laminate Flooring with Tile
Paint Walls

Stain Stair Railing
Stretch Goal: Replace Balusters

Master Bedroom:
DIY Headboard

Master Bath:
Paint Walls
Add Shelving Next to Bath Tub

Walk-In Closet:
Replace Carpet
Paint Walls
Add Dresser and Bookshelf
Space-Saving Organization – DONE

Complete Drywall Installation – DONE
Hang Organizing Racks
Build Workbench – DONE

I will add more posts as my efforts progress.  Tutorials to come!

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