Pallet Wood Pumpkin


That’s right… more pallet projects!  I know, I know.  It’s a little overkill.  But they are just so easy!  I can’t help it.  Once I start, it’s hard to stop.

Today’s post is my easy pallet wood pumpkin.  The perfect piece to complete your fall lineup.  There’s not much to say other than I needed a little rustic to go with my more modern look.  So wooden fruit it is!  Side Note: Can you believe I actually had to Google “Is a pumpkin and fruit or a vegetable?”.  I was almost positive it was a fruit, but I don’t actually think I have ever referred to it as such before today.

So let’s get right to it.  I started with a pallet (obvi).


I used my easy method that I created a tutorial for here to dismantle said pallet.


Once I had my planks cut, I drew out my pumpkin on a sheet of sketch paper.  It took a few tries to get the size I wanted.


Once I got the dimensions right, I cut my shape out and placed it on my lined up planks.


Then I traced the outline onto the wood and used my miter saw to cut each piece along the lines.


Once I had my shape, I flipped the planks over and measured out some thin wood pieces to attach to the back.  I used my impact driver to screw them on to each plank in two places.


I flipped my wooden pumpkin over and sanded the edges a little until they looked even.


I wanted to give the piece a little color, but I didn’t want to cover it in a thick layer of paint.  I wanted the wood to show through.  So I decided to dilute some orange paint to make it thinner.  I started with a paint sample I found on the discount shelf at Lowes.


I poured a small amount of paint into the bottom of a plastic bowl.  Not even enough the cover the bottom.


Then I added some water to the bowl.  The ratio was approximately 1:3, paint to water.


I mixed the water and paint really well and used that to paint the wood.  It gave the piece a nice color, but still showed all the wood imperfections.


I covered the front and edges of the pumpkin.  I didn’t bother to paint the back.  No need.


While the paint dried, I went in search of a branch to use for the stem.  I just picked something up from our backyard and cut it into a few pieces.


I used a saw to cut right down the center of the branch.  Then I cut the front piece off with a few angles.


It took a little bit of trial and error to get it right.  I wanted the notches to fit right on the front and leave a piece on the back that I could use to secure the pieces together.


Once my branch fit onto the top of the pumpkin the way I wanted, I drilled a screw through the back of it to secure it.


All done!  So easy.  I added it to my other fall decor.


Perfect!  It looks great with my new vase from Home Goods, my DIY wine cork pumpkin, and my dollar store glass wrapped in twine that I placed on the cute little owl candle holder I found at Goodwill.  Fall rocks!

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