Mod Podge & Craft Paper Projects

If you have never tried using Mod Podge, you are missing out.  The PLAID (Maker of Mod Podge) website describes it as “the all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish”.  That being said, it is a must-have in the craft arsenal.

I am really big on thrift store makeovers.  I love finding little trinkets that I can spruce up and use to decorate the house.  I generally use the Mod Podge to cover things in craft paper so I can get the detailed look I want without having to paint it myself.

I used this very method to make a box for my mail.  Of course, being a project enthusiast, I began to paint before I took any pictures of my thrift store find.  You get the idea…


As you can see, I started by painting the outside the color I wanted.  I chose black because I had a nice array of black and white craft paper that I was going to choose from for the inside of the box.  Once I finished painting, I selected my craft paper, measured the dimensions, and cut out what I needed.

I used a regular paint brush and brushed a layer of Mod Podge on the area that I was going to apply the paper.  I immediately slid the paper into place and smoothed it as best I could.  I let it dry like I would any other glue.


Note:  If there are any bubbles in the paper after it dries, just take a pin, poke a hole in the bubble, and smooth it out.

Once the Mod Podge dried, I spread another layer on top of the paper and let that dry as well.  I did this for the whole inside of the box.  The back and the sides.


That is how I turned my one dollar thrift store find into a cute little mail box.


NoteL  Mod Podge comes in many different finishes.  The type to use depends on the project you are using it for.  I used the “Gloss” finish to give it a little bit of shine, but the “Matte” finish would have worked just as well.

Mod Podge 2

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