Halloween Decorations


Little known fact about me… I LOVE Halloween.

Little known fact about Kyle… He HATES it.

I want to be have that house in the neighborhood that all the kids (and adults) talk about.  The one with the awesome Halloween decorations in the yard.  It’s one of my life goals.  I’m talking graveyards and giant spider webs.  Nothing too traumatizing, of course.  I’m not trying to give anyone a heart attack.  I just want to provide some entertainment.

When I relayed this information to Kyle, he was horrified.  He cannot stand anything that can be considered “creepy”.  Nor does he have any desire to clutter his lawn.  I think one of his life goals is to have that house in the neighborhood with the perfectly manicured lawn that all the adults (not kids) talk about.  Needless to say, we were on totally different ends of the spectrum about our end of October decor.

After a few heated discussions, we finally managed to work out an agreement.  Front porch = fair game.  I’m allowed to do whatever I want (within reason) to the front porch.  As for the lawn, there are a few rules I have to follow:

1. All decorations have to be put up no more than one week prior to Halloween and have to come down immediately after.  No lingering graveyards in November.

2. Nothing really scary or over the top.  So no bodies or blood.  Fine.

3. The theme has to be consistent and can’t look tacky.  A lot of wiggle room there.  Good.

Of course, my decorations didn’t go up until 3 days ago, so time restrictions were unnecessary.  And for all my talk, I didn’t get as many things completed as I would have liked.  I just ran out of time.  Story of my life.

For the projects I did get completed, I am pretty proud of how they turned out.  Including the front porch.

We don’t have too many kids in our neighborhood.  I think I counted about 25 trick-or-treaters that came to our door last night.  After 3 years, I think I finally got the candy proportions just right.  I bought only full-sized candy bars.  That’s how I roll.  I can’t have the most awesome decorations in the neighborhood without having the best candy in the neighborhood, too.  Gotta build that reputation for future years.  I’m thinking ahead.

The front porch is important to me because it’s what the kids see when they come up to ring my doorbell.  I realize they are probably focused on their candy and don’t care about what’s around them, but I still have to try.


I’ll start with the theme.  This year I went for a creepy, apothecary kind of feel. The theme is mostly consistent and it’s not too “in your face”.  I incorporated a few DIY projects, thrift store finds, dollar store purchases, and furniture I had sitting around my garage.


I’m particularly fond of my thrift store candelabras.  I got them dirt cheap.  Good thing… I can’t really think of anything I would ever use them for other than this holiday.


Then there are my Harry Potter wands that I made from chopsticks.


 My DIY potion bottles really came in handy with this setup.


There are a few other random additions.  Like the $1 rat I found at Goodwill, the spell book cover I printed from Pinterest, the skull I got from Home Goods, and the crow I got from the Dollar Tree.

Then there are a few other things that I couldn’t fit into the picture.


Like the spray painted plastic snakes from the Dollar Tree.  That project almost ended poorly.  I went to pick up one up off the garage floor the other day, and it slithered away from me.  No joke.  It looked exactly like the ones I painted.  I definitely got a scare.  Deservedly so.  I tried to scare Kyle with one of the fake ones in the house a few weeks ago.  Didn’t work… karma’s a b*tch.


I also put out my spider web lanterns.  Another one of those items that I can only use once a year.  Worth it…


My black cat from Goodwill.  He is super creepy.  Reminds me of Thackery Binx.  If you don’t get the reference, shame on you.


My trash bag ghosts are haunting the bushes.

As you can see, the porch is stacked full of goodies, but it doesn’t stop there.  Per the Halloween agreement, the yard had it’s own getup.


Starting with my witches circle.  The witches are made out of rolled paper stuffed into trash bags with hats.  The cauldron was a thrift store find and I cracked some orange glow sticks last night to give the pile a “glowing embers” kind of look.


The graveyard is my crowning achievement (future blog post).  I am very proud at how it turned out.  100% DIY.


My tombstones were a big hit.

Overall, I am happy.  I am well on my way to building up a really good mix of items.  Maybe my next project can be some garage storage shelves for all my Halloween stuff.  I’m going to need it.

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