The DIY graveyard.  The perfect addition to any yard for Halloween.  It was certainly my greatest accomplishment this season.  I am still beaming with pride.  You know you did something right when people are stopping outside your house to take pictures of your lawn.  At least that’s how I see it…

I’m not sure when I got the idea to turn my front lawn into a spooky cemetery, but once I did, that was it.  There was no turning back.  I went all in.

I started with the wrought iron fence.  I actually created my own tutorial for it here.


I knew all along that the fence itself was not going to be enough.  I needed a grander entrance.  So I made some columns to stand at the front of the graveyard.  I created a tutorial for them here as well.


Once my fence and columns were up, I decided to create some tombstones (check out the tutorial here).  I looked up all sorts of stuff to write on them.  I wanted something creepy, but the hubs vetoed that idea.  He insisted that it be names and they be funny and kid-friendly.  So after some Pinterest searching, I finally came up with 2 that I liked.


The overall effect was exactly what I was going for.  I even added a glow-in-the-dark skeleton hand I got from the dollar store.  Perfect!

Happy Halloween!

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