Gingerbread Reindeer Stable

Stable Front

As part of my Gingerbread Chalet that I constructed for Santa this season, I included a stable for Rudolph and the rest of his crew.  I knew I wanted to include Santa’s sleigh in the scene, and you can’t very well have a sleigh without the reindeer to pull it.  And reindeer need a place to sleep…

I started by drawing out my plans, measuring the parts I needed, and baking them with my favorite gingerbread recipe.

Stable Roof

I used some black fondant to cut out a few windows.

Stable Windows

I rolled some gingerbread and baked it to look like logs.  I used those on the sides of the stable.

Stable Side Logs

I rolled out some white fondant to create a barn door.

Stable Door

I used a small Wilton tool to add some wood grain designs to the fondant.

Stable Door Wood

I created some gingerbread reindeer heads that I dedicated a separate blog post to.


I used my favorite icing recipe to glue the heads to the windows.  Then I used the icing and scrap gingerbread to secure the sides of the stable together.

Stable No Roof

I cut some black fondant into little squares for the shingles.

Stable Shingles

I glued the shingles to the roof using the icing.

Stable Roof Shingles

I mixed some black gel food coloring with vodka and painted it onto the shingles to give them a nice even color and shine.

Stable Shingles Painted

I glued the roof onto the base of the structure.

Reindeer Stable

I added a nice long strip of black fondant on the top to cover the seam between the two roof parts.

Stable Roof Parts

I added a few embellishments as well.  Some door handles, firewood, a wreath, and some fondant carrots.

Stable Front

It was the perfect addition to my wintery landscape.

Mountain Chalet

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