Garage Mudroom Entrance

A completed project!  Hooray!

It’s been a busy year thus far.  Project time has been virtually non-existent, and blogging time is at an all-time low.  So for me to have a completed project AND a blog post is amazing!  For it to be something as significant as a “mudroom” in my garage is even more amazing!

I started my Garage Makeover Series about a million years ago.  Actually, it was more like 2 years ago, but still… that’s a long time.  The “mudroom” idea popped up a few months ago when I tripped over my own shoes AGAIN.  No joke.  Check out what my situation was.

I didn’t even stage this photo.  The shoes were all being stored on a rickety little shoe rack next to the door.  Any time someone accidentally bumped into the rack (every day), half the shoes would fall off and land on the steps.  Eventually, I just stopped putting them on the rack and kicked them off into a messy little pile in front of it.  It was utter chaos.

I decided to put a stop to the madness.  The other side of the door looked a little like this…

Sad… I know.  I removed the shelf to clear way for a “mudroom” entrance with some shoe storage, a shelf, and some hangers.  I keep putting the word “mudroom” in quotes because it isn’t technically a mudroom.  It’s just a wall in my garage that I turned into some fancy storage.  But naming a blog post “Fancy Garage Wall Storage” just didn’t have the same appeal.  “Mudroom” is much more universal.

So let’s get down to it.  I started with two shoe racks I purchased from Target.  I suppose I could’ve built some that would’ve been sturdier and more attractive, but this was faster.  Sometimes you just have to go the easy route.

I built the racks using the instructions in the box and lined them up side by side against the garage wall.

I used the hardware in the box to secure them to the wall, and I used some wood screws to connect them to each other.  Then I went through my scrap wood pile and found a few good pieces of wood to use as a bench.

I cut the wood the length of the top of the shoe racks.

Then I used a hammer and nails to secure the wood to the top of the racks.

I went through my stores of paint and stain and found a nice English Chestnut Wood Finish.

I used an old cloth to stain the top and sides of the wood.

I went back to my scrap wood pile to find some wood for the border.  I didn’t quite have what I needed so I ended up going to the hardware store to purchase it.  I cut some 1x3s into 4 pieces of equal height.  Then I added another piece across the top that I cut from a 1×4.  I tried my best to drill wood screws in where there were studs, but it required a lot of trial and error.  My stud finder was having a really difficult time with this wall.  What I’m really saying is that there wasn’t much science to this part of the process.  I made sure my wood was equally spaced, but I didn’t have any plans going in.  I just eye-balled it.

Once my border was up, I added a shelf.  I used two wooden brackets and a piece of 1×6 wood that I had in my scrap pile.

I hung the wooden brackets on the wood border and placed the shelf on top of that.  I drilled wood screws into everything to make it as sturdy as possible.

Once the woodworking portion of the project was done, I moved on to the aesthetic portion.  This is my least favorite part.  I started by filling in all the holes and seams with spackle.  I did this on the drywall and the wood.

Then I sealed all the cracks, lines, borders, edges, etc with a sealant I had.

I’ve been known to skip that step in the past and I always end up regretting it.  So I spent a good deal of time on it for this particular project and it really paid off.  I used a metal putty knife to clear away excess sealant.  Then I let everything dry for a few hours and sanded it all down lightly.

I used a dry cloth to wipe the sand debris off the surfaces.  Then I covered the bench wood with a plastic sheet and got to work painting.  I started with a layer of primer on everything.

I let the primer dry and lightly sanded it.  I wiped away the dust with my dry cloth and applied another coat of primer.  Once the second layer dried, I sanded and wiped it again.  Then I painted a layer of regular white paint.  I followed it up with another layer after the first had dried.

I gave the paint a few days to completely dry.  In the meantime, I purchased some hooks from the hardware store.  I went with shiny gold double clothes hooks.

I measured out where I wanted to place them and marked the spots to drill the holes.

I screwed them straight into the wood on the top border below the shelf.

And that’s it!  I removed the plastic covering the bench, put the plastic plate back on the outlet and organized all of our shoes.

Huge improvement!

Now I have a place to put my shoes that won’t be in anyone’s way.  That bench and the wall hooks should come in handy as well.  Especially on rainy days.  If only I had the time to spackle and paint the entire garage so the ugly, old, mismatching drywall wasn’t visible…

Gosh, it feels good to be productive again.  Hopefully I can ride this project train into April and get my house back on track for spring.

Materials List:

Shoe Racks (I bought two 15-unit organizers from Target)

Wood Planks for the Bench

4 1x3s (All cut the same height)

1 1×4 (Cut the length of the bench)

2 Wooden Shelf Brackets

1 1×6 (Cut the length of the bench)

Wall Hooks

Wood Screws

Small Nails


Power Drill

Wood Stain



Paint Brushes/Rollers



Putty Knife

Sanding Block

Dry Cloth

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