Fondant Snowman

What gingerbread house scene is complete without a snowman in the yard?  I say none!  Thus this quick tutorial…



Gel Food Coloring


Start with white fondant and roll it into three separate balls of varying sizes.  Flatten them out a little on the top and bottom.

Stack the balls on top of one another with the largest on the bottom and smallest on the top.  Use a drop of water in between each piece to secure them together.

For the next step, use some black fondant if you have it.  If not, use some black gel food coloring to dye your fondant black.  Then roll a small piece into a cylinder and flatten the top and bottom of it.  Then roll another small piece into a ball and flatten it into a circle.

Use another small drop of water to secure the pieces together with the cylinder on top.  This is the top hat!

Use yet another drop of water to secure the top hat on the head of the snowman.

Color some fondant orange and roll a ball of it into a cylinder.  Pinch one end and roll it into a point.  The end result will look like a carrot.

Roll two tiny balls of black fondant for the snowman’s eyes.  Poke some small holes into the head of the snowman and use tiny drops of water to push the eyes and carrot nose into the holes.  Hold the pieces in place for a while to make them stick.  Then embellish your snowman with any other fun pieces you want.  I made a little scarf with some green and red fondant.

‘Tis the season for edible cuteness!

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