Foam Tombstones


Tombstones are an easy, fun way to decorate for Halloween.  This year, I created 2 tombstones that I actually put inside a graveyard.


My neighbors loved it!  Probably because I didn’t have it up until 2 days before Halloween.  Any longer and they might have changed their tunes.

I created a quick tutorial with the materials and steps I used to make the tombstones.  I used the same basic steps from my “Stone” Columns post, but I repeated it here as well.

Tombstone Materials:

Foam Panels (Mine were Perma “R” from Lowes)

Foam Sheets

Hot Glue Gun

Paint Brush


Gray Paint

Hammered Dark Bronze Spray Paint

Wooden Skewers

Paint Pen

My Steps:

First, I cut 4 tombstone shapes out of the foam panels.  I forgot to take a picture of this step, but it’s pretty self-explanatory.  In fact, I forgot to take pictures of the first few steps, so bear with me.

I glued 2 wooden skewers to 2 different pieces of the foam I’d cut.  Then I took the remaining foam pieces and glued them on top of the already glued skewers.  The idea was to sandwich the skewers in between the foam with the pointy ends facing downwards out the bottom.  This is what I used to stick the tombstones in the dirt.  The picture below shows the final result.


I cut out some thin strips of the foam sheets I got from the dollar store.


Then I hot glued them to the edges and the outside of the foam pieces to make a border.


Once I had my borders, I painted the pieces with a layer of primer.


Then I painted them with a layer of gray paint.


Then a layer of Hammered Dark Bronze spray paint to give it some age and texture.


Once the tombstones were done, I picked out some names and wrote them on the front with a paint pen.



I placed my tombstones inside the awesome graveyard I made for the occasion.  I really do love Halloween.


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