Closet Organization Project


Organization projects are an often overlooked category, but with a new baby on the way I’ve been finding myself adding a lot of them to my list.  Our master bedroom walk-in closet is my current focus.  Even with all that space, my husband and I can’t seem to fit all of our clothing into one closet.  For the past year and a half, part of his wardrobe has been housed in one of our guest bedroom closets.  But that bedroom is marked for baby’s nursery so that closet needs to be cleared out.  Instead of shifting everything to the other guest bedroom closet, I decided to overhaul ours in order to make more room.

Obviously, we started with a donation pile. Sometimes it feels really good to fill a few bags full of donation items, and that is exactly what we did. It was amazing how much room that cleared up. The next step was to organize the seasonal clothing. My big, bulky sweaters and winter dresses were taking up valuable shelf and rack space. So I decided to buy a few baskets to hold my loose items. A.C. Moore had some great “Store It by Nicole” baskets on sale, and I had a few RetailMeNot coupons to use. I purchased several baskets in different sizes.

For a while, the baskets were very useful. I could stack my items higher than I would have on the shelf alone. I could also hold the smaller items like medicine and toilet paper without displaying them. However, after a while, I was getting a little annoyed. The baskets were too high for me to see the contents inside and I kept mixing them up and putting them back in the wrong places. So I decided to label them.

Organization projects aren’t just about being functional. They are about beautifying the spaces in your home that might not necessarily be seen by anyone else but that you have to look at on a daily basis. I decided I wanted chalkboard labels on all of my baskets. That way I could change the labels at any time. And, of course, because chalkboards are in and cute. I went back to A.C. Moore and Michaels in search of some small chalkboard labels that I could somehow attach to the baskets. Everything I found was either too small, too big, or too expensive. The cheapest option I found were little framed chalkboard rectangles for $2.50 each. With the number of baskets I had, that would have cost me over $25.00. Not exactly what I had in mind.

Instead, I bought some $0.25 wooden hearts that I decorated myself. Below is the process I used.


Wooden Shapes

Chalkboard Paint

Paint Brush


Hot Glue Gun

Small Dowel Rods

Chalkboard Pen


Step-By-Step Process

Step 1:  Place your wooden shapes on a piece of cardboard or drop cloth so you can paint them.


Step 2:  The chalkboard paint comes in regular form and spray form.  Either brush or spray a layer of paint on your shaped and allow them to dry.


Step 3:  Once the first layer has dried, apply a second layer and allow that to dry.  Depending on the project, a third layer might be needed as well.


Step 4:  Size your dowel rods.  The rods I used were approximately 12 inches long.  I cut them in half.


Step 5:  Cut your rope into approximately one foot lengths.


Step 6:  Tie off the ends of your rope to prevent fraying and provide some leverage for hot gluing.

Step 7:  Connect your rope to your dowel rods.  Fold your rope in half and bend it over the dowel rod.  Bring the ends around and pull them through the loop on the rope.


Step 8:  Tighten the knots on your rope around your dowel rods and warm up your glue gun.


Step 9:  Turn your wooden shapes over and line up your rope ends on the back.


Step 10:  Use your hot glue gun to glue your rope to the back of your wooden shapes.  Make sure to put hot glue dots on the rope knots and at the top of the shapes to secure the rope in several spots.


Step 11:  Turn the shapes over once the glue dries and make sure they hang straight on the dowel rods.  If not, adjust the knot around the rod.


Step 12:  Use your chalk pen to write your descriptions on your shapes.


Step 13:  Hang your new pieces on your baskets.  Depending on your basket type, you can loop, tuck, or wedge your dowel rod to secure it.


Step 14:  Display!


Functional and attractive

My closet already looks 10 times better. One completed project is the perfect motivation for other similar projects. Immediate transformations are always so satisfying. I went ahead and made a list of items that I want to complete for the closet’s continued makeover.

Master Walk-In Closet Makeover List:

Add shelves in the center of each side of the closet for folded clothes

Insert hanging rods instead of the current grates


Something like this would be perfect

Add a full-length mirror to one wall

Decorate the mirror with a DIY frame to give it a more polished look


If I could somehow manage to make this with pallet wood, I would love it!

Create an accent wall

Paint one wall a different color or add cute wallpaper

Hang some cute frames and signs

Add a cute chandelier – why not feel classy in my own closet?


This is pretty darn adorable

I realize that my list is long and ambitious. It generally is. But I figure I spend a portion of every day in my closet, so why not make it a room that I enjoy being in?

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